5 Reasons Why You Need Facial Masks

My skincare regimen has always been simple and I prefer it that way because unfortunately, I have a sensitive skin. I often get breakouts by using the wrong products for my oily skin or by eating the wrong food. I envy my friends who can eat whatever they want and put anything on their face without getting any skin issues afterwards. This is the reason why I always opt for mild and all-natural products for my face. Oh, how I love to make my own facial masks from natural ingredients I can easily get from the kitchen – cucumber, honey, baking soda, strawberry, etc. But to be honest, some ingredients are too messy to put in the face. Luckily enough, I’ve found the perfect facial masks for me from Nature Republic. They have 10 varieties to choose from and I use them thrice a week to keep my skin feeling refreshed and to achieve the other skincare benefits that’s I’m starting to notice. (I also love the other Korean beauty and skin care products which I talked about here.)

But what really are the benefits of facial masks?

1. Skin Detoxification

Just like when we drink those green juices to get rid our system of toxic substances, facial masks also go deep down our pores to eliminate the trapped dirt and contamination that it had gathered. Sometimes, washing our face alone is not enough to deeply cleanse and detoxify our face and we need something that can go deep enough to remove the impurities.  

… washing our face alone is not enough to deeply cleanse and detoxify our face


2. Relaxation

I love putting my facial mask in the evening after a long day at work, while relaxing and watching my favorite tv series. The cool feeling of the mask on my face is always so refreshing and the aromatic scents that come with it soothes my mind. It has a therapeutic effect which I enjoy to de-stress at the comfort of my couch.


3. Prevent Wrinkles

We will all get wrinkles, eventually, as we age. It is a natural process that we must go through.  However, if you are like me who wants to delay aging and wrinkles naturally, then we should start picking the right products to put on our face. A facial mask that is infused with the right ingredients suited for your skin type can aid in moisturizing the skin. A well-nourished and moisturized skin can prevent fine lines from forming.


4. Firmer Skin

Regular use of facial masks especially those that contain collagen can help fight free radicals that can contribute in losing the skin’s elasticity. These facial masks can tighten and improve the skin, and thus, give a youthful appearance.


5. Inexpensive Skin-Care Routine

Facial masks are the inexpensive alternative to our facial spas. We can do it almost everyday at the comfort of our homes while getting the same healthy and vibrant skin with regular use. What’s really good about facial masks is that it’s an instant skin booster and can be perfect especially if we need to have that bright glowing skin and don’t have the time to set an appointment for facials.  

…after all, we must all age with grace..


As we age, it becomes more important to take care of our skin. We should always choose the right products and treatments that specifically address our skin types and/or conditions. Of course, drinking plenty of water to keep us hydrated all the time are of paramount importance too. All these skin care routines to retain that youthful glow, because after all, we must all age with grace.



Sheryl Segura

Sheryl has a degree in Communication Arts and having been exposed to various sides of the media, she eventually grew multifaceted interests in life which led her to create Segura & Co. She is currently exploring the desert life in the middle east and sharing some bits and pieces of her latest discoveries through her blog.

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