I’m so glad you stumbled across Segura & Co.

Nothing makes me more excited than to have the opportunity to share with you my latest discoveries in fashion, travel and life in general!


The fashion world constantly changes these days and I would be privileged to share with you my own take on these trends. Perhaps, in my own little ways, I would be able to  help you discover your personal style.

Aside from my interest in fashion, I am also keen about food – who isn’t? I am definitely no Gordon Ramsey or Rachel Ray but my interest in food and my irresistible entrepreneurial drive has led me to start a humble cafe and restaurant in a small town in the Philippines recently, but I will be telling more stories about my fair share of struggles and successes, happiness and disappointments later on.


I hope that you will always find here in Segura & Co. some pieces of style and life inspiration to carry through.

Sheryl Segura founded Segura & Co. in September 2015 to showcase her very own shoe line and fashion brand. The site has since then grown to become more than an e-commerce and paves an avenue where she shares her style and inspiring discoveries.
More than a guide on how to mix and match fashion pieces, Segura & Co. is now a destination for a curated style that features key essential pieces that are available to shop online.