How To Style A Blanket Scarf

What are your favorite winter fashion accessories?

Blanket scarves are one of my favorite accessories during the chilly days. They are useful to keep me warm while their fun patterns can add that extra oomph to any outfit. What I love most about blanket scarves is that you can play with it and wear it in several different ways, depending on your mood or your overall outfit.

In places where it’s freezing, I would usually choose to wear my blanket scarf around my neck. However, if the winter in the middle east is almost like spring in Europe, I’d rather just have my blanket scarf as a cover-up – cape style, just like how I did in my outfit below.

blanket scarf cape style
What I’m Wearing: Top from Zara (same here and here), Jeggings from Calzedonia (same here), Blanket Scarf from Parfois (same here), Shoes from Charles & Keith (same here and here), Sunglasses from Gucci (same here and here), Purse from Zara (same here and here).

If you are wondering why it’s called blanket scarves, well that’s because it is oversized which is almost like a blanket, hence its name. The fabric is big enough that you can wrap it around you while you cozy up.

As it is oversized, I had to fold it in a triangle, place both edges in front and let the tip of the triangle drape over my back to style it like a cape. Adding a belt over it would also be a nice touch for a chicer look.

blanket scarf cape style
blanket scarf cape style

Here are some blanket scarves worth checking which may be a good addition to your winter wardrobe.

Are you fond of blanket scarves? How do you usually like to style it?

Love Some Good Coffee Shop

On a side note, I have recently discovered Meesh Café, a new coffee shop nearby my house. I’m so happy because I can walk about 10 minutes away from home to get my coffee and snacks, without driving of course – which is my least favorite thing to do these days.

I went there with my sister during our long weekend and tried their café mocha and avocado bagel. While my sister had some shawarma and lemonade.

Meesh Cafe
Meesh Cafe
Meesh Cafe
Meesh Cafe

Aside from their good coffee and snacks, I also like the ambiance of this place. The café is filled with little vintage stuff which is very instagrammable. 🙂 So glad to have found a new laid-back spot to get together with friends and catch up.



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