ColourPop-pin’ – A Lippie Stix Review

My morning routine will never be complete without a lipstick. In fact, I can leave home without wearing any other beauty products but just a lipstick! Okay, I’m lying. That rarely happens because whenever I start putting anything on my face, my entire routine always follows and one of the products that I can’t live without is a lipstick. I’m slightly addicted to it. I love it when people give me gifts but I love it even more when they give me a new shade of lipstick. So one day, when my colleague brought me a box with different shades of lipstick that I’ve never tried before, my heart skipped a little and I felt like a joyful child. I couldn’t wait to try them all and today these lippie stix finally got the chance to touch my precious lips.  

…my heart skipped a little and I felt like a joyful child. I couldn’t wait to try them all…

Forgive me when I say that the brand ColourPop sounds new to me and to be honest, this is the first time I’ve encountered the brand. I may have seen them somewhere in the worldwide web but I haven’t really paid attention. But true enough, Google says it’s a new brand which was just established in 2014 (that’s a quick research!).

So today, I’ve decided to try all the six different shades to see which ones are going to be my favorites. I wanted to share the experience with you guys, so here I am…

Before anything else, I just wanted to say how I’m liking the packaging of these lippie stix. The purple metallic covered box has caught my attention and it stays true to its brand that’s poppin’ colors. I love how the packaging is striking outside and minimal and clean looking inside. Sometimes, the packaging is all it takes to like the brand but of course we couldn’t be happier once we tried and found out that the product itself is as good or even better.

There are six different shades inside the box, which are NIGHT OWL crème, JINGLE matte, LAST CALL crème, 54 pearlized, RUFFLE matte, PLASTICS matte. Obviously, it’s a combination of matte, crème and pearlized finish. I will tell you at the end of this post, which one won my heart the most.


The first shade I tried is the Night Owl crème. It’s a bright hot pink shade with thick, creamy and a bit glossy finish. Bright pink lipsticks don’t usually suit me so I would just leave it at that.

JINGLE matte

Jingle is medium deep red shade with a slightly slippery finish, which is a bit different than my idea of matte. I would wear this color on night outs or whenever I feel pale and sick to give me that instant ‘I’m on top of my game’ look.


The next shade is Last Call crème. It’s a pale pink shade with a creamy finish but unlike the Night Owl, it doesn’t feel heavy. I’ve been looking for a pale pink lipstick for a while now but I haven’t found the right pale pink shade that I adore and I think this one is perfect! I like how it looks on me. It somehow reminds me of a pale Barbie lipstick.

54 pearlized

54 is a berry red shade with a slightly shimmery finish. I have an almost the same shade of lipstick but in matte, which is one of my current favorites. I can see myself using this more often than the other shades.

RUFFLE matte

Ruffle is a tan shade in matte, well suited for a toned down or natural look. This shade is new to me and at first glance, it’s almost the same as Last Call, except that it is not.


The last shade is Plastics which is a deep red violet shade. I often get intimidated whenever I see a purple lipstick as it somehow gives me a scary Maleficent vibe. I was always thinking I will never buy a purple lipstick until one day a friend convinced me to actually try on a purple lipstick from another brand. She told me that it would not be purple when I put it on my lips. True enough, it looked like black! I’m joking. But seriously, I’m starting to like the deep violet shade just like this and I can see that it would be more perfect for autumn and winter. I see myself wearing a purple lipstick with furry coats.

I love almost all of the colors in this set and each one radiates a certain vibe. That’s what I love about lipsticks, it sets the mood. As they say, “Never underestimate the power of lipstick”. But if I must play favorites, I would pick the Last Call. I bet it would suit well my daily look. But then again, it depends on my mood for the day.

How about you? What’s your current favorite lipstick shade?


PS: I found out that you can buy a ColourPop Lippie Stix set from Amazon for a little more than $37 – not bad for a set of six shades!



Photographed by: Richelle Segura

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