Top 5 Weekend Activities

What’s your favorite activity on weekends?

Weekend obviously is my favorite time of the week and I can’t imagine any person who wouldn’t love the weekends. Right? Today, I’m sharing with you my top 5 favorite things to do on weekends and I would love to know your favorite activities too. Let me know in the comment below. 🙂

My Top 5 Favorite Weekend Activities

1.  Weekend Brunch 

It’s nice to wake up on weekends with a plan in mind to indulge on happy meals while catching up with family or friends. There are plenty of new restaurants opening up in Doha, and it’s as exciting to try new foods as to hear and share stories during brunch.

2. Outfit Shoots & Blogging

Since I’m having a full-time job and the hectic work week schedule doesn’t really allow me to have daily outfit shoots, nothing excites me more than shooting a couple of pictures on weekend mornings right after brunch – to me, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. 😉

3. Binge Watching 

When I’m not checking the new movies at the cinema, I stay home and binge watch on Netflix with snacks around me and it just feels so comforting while I say to myself, “Thank goodness it’s the weekend!”.

What are you currently binge watching on?

4. Arts & Crafts

One of the things that keep me sane is when I allow myself to be a little bit creative. It’s either I paint on canvas, design garments which I would sew myself, write or just do anything creative. Funny how these things can keep me busy for hours and how I love when I was able to start and finish something on the same day – it just gives me a sense of fulfillment.

5. Work Out / Yoga / Meditation  

I always believe that one should spend time on improving one’s well-being and I would love to that by working out and doing some crunches, yoga or meditation. I often combine all these and doing them on weekends help me prepare for another week ahead.


To me, it’s always “a weekend well spent” whenever I do all of my favorite things above.

Meanwhile, here’s one of my easy weekend looks.


Easy Weekend Look

What I’m Wearing: Top from Zara (here), Jeans from Zara (here), Kitten Heels from Charles & Keith (here), Sunglasses from Ray-Ban (here), Bag from Gucci (here).



Sheryl Segura

Sheryl has a degree in Communication Arts and having been exposed to various sides of the media, she eventually grew multifaceted interests in life which led her to create Segura & Co. She is currently exploring the desert life in the middle east and sharing some bits and pieces of her latest discoveries through her blog.

  1. Nice list! My 5 weekend activities are: reading, sleeping, eating, walking and watching movies on repeat haha
    Love your simple outfit!
    xx Elisa