Holiday Staycation at Warwick Doha

Happy New Year guys! 🙂

Are you like me who is always so excited about the new year? I know that entering a new year is not the only time where we can have new beginnings since we can always start fresh at any point along the way. But there’s something about the celebration and perhaps the holiday vibe that always inspire me to reflect on the past year and think about new ways to improve life. Goals of becoming healthier, committing my time to doing more productive things and reading more books are just some of the things on my list.

Don’t you feel the same?

It’s the time of the year that I simply feel hopeful more than ever about what lies ahead.
Well, if you still haven’t got the chance to reflect at least I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and have spent it joyfully with your families and loved ones.
As for my family, this is the second year that we spent the holiday season away from each other. My mom is in the Philippines, my eldest sister is in Canada with the kids while myself along with my two siblings are here in the middle east. Not to mention that ‘Mi Amor’ lives miles away too. But no complaints, life is still beautiful and I’m always so grateful. 🙂

Holiday Staycation at Warwick Doha

To make our holidays a bit more eventful in Doha, my sister and I decided to spend the last few days of the year at Warwick Doha – a hotel we’ve never been.
While staying at Warwick, we made sure to explore other places in the vicinity. We had a massage at Angsana, located at Wyndham Grand Regency which is just a building away from our hotel. Warwick was also offering a massage at discounted rates during our check-in, but we already made a reservation at Angsana so we just went for our original plan.
My sister and I had the glow package which is a combination of your choice of body scrub and massage. I chose the avocado scrub and Swedish massage. The scrub was, of course, sticky but it was not long enough until I was asked to wash it off to be ready for the body massage. It was definitely relaxing. This is maybe weird for some but I quite often experience some sort of body pain after a massage. But I was happy that after my massage at Angsana, my body just felt relaxed and not painful the day after.
On our first evening, we celebrated my sister’s birthday at Boston’s Bar at City Centre Rotana Doha. We ordered the longest sausage I’ve ever seen in my life. Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.
Aside from indulging in tasty food and lounging at the pool, my favorite activity during our stay at the hotel is the sauna. Yes, I do really have simple joys. I love the feeling of sitting down for 30 minutes in a hot room and feel the toxins get out of my body as effortless as watching Netflix except that there’s no Netflix in the sauna.
We decided to celebrate the new year’s eve outdoors in The Backyard at Sheraton Grand Doha. It was quite fun and instead of fireworks they had balloons unleashed into the sky at midnight. It was my first time to see such event on new year’s eve and it was a great event to start the year.
The video below includes the snippets of our last four days in 2017 – from one hotel to another.

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  1. Happy New Year hon! I’m totally with you- I too feel very hopeful at the beginning of the year. Your staycation looks lovely, I love being in a hotel, I think I walk different, I pretty much float! Have a good week hon ( :

  2. Happy new year! I agree with your post about improving life and reflecting from the past year. And the fact that really you can make the necessary changes at any time, not just the new year holiday. Anywho, love how you celebrated the new year. The hotel and accommodations sounds amazing.


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