How To Make A Half Circle Skirt

A few years ago, I learned how to sew basic garments and if there’s a piece that I enjoy sewing that would be a skirt. Not only because it’s easy to make but it’s also fun to mix and match with just about any top. There are different types of skirts and one of my favorites is the circle skirt, just like what I’m wearing here. As you might have thought, circle skirts are made of a circle pattern and you can either have it in full, half, or quarter. Full circle skirts being the flounciest. If you prefer less voluminous skirts then go for a half circle or quarter circle skirts, respectively.

Choosing the right fabric for your skirt is also very important. Keep in mind that heavy or thicker fabric such as wool flows differently than lighter fabrics. It’s important to envision how you want your skirt to look like before even starting your skirt project.

Today, I’m sharing how to make a half circle skirt in very easy steps.

DIY Half circle skirt
DIY Half circle skirt
DIY Half circle skirt

Watch the video below to learn how I made this half circle skirt!




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