Spring Blooms

Time flies and spring is finally here and not only that – it’s also finally the weekend! Yay! For me, weekend usually means having a full breakfast either at home or at some cafe/restaurant in town whenever I decide not to sleep in. I used to be the kind of person who doesn’t really care what she eats as long as it tastes good, so I eat all the cheese, pastries, meat and everything else that satisfies my palates, but that all has changed after my recent gallbladder operation. The post-op recovery was so terrible, I don’t wish to go back to the hospital ever or get sick for that matter. Since then, I’ve decided to take my health seriously and have chosen to only eat oatmeal with fruits and honey for breakfast during weekdays and let myself indulge a little on weekend breakfasts. Since today’s a weekend, my sister and I decided to treat ourselves to a big breakfast at The Village and tried their English and American breakfast.

After that satisfying meal, we then headed to the park to breathe some fresh air and see some signs of spring blooms. Luckily enough, we didn’t get disappointed. Those beautiful, lively and bright flowers all around are just so refreshing! I wish this season in Doha would last longer or stay the same all-year round!

How about you? How are you welcoming the spring blooms? Would love to hear how you spent your first few days of spring. 🙂


What I’m wearing:

Mango, top

Mango, pants

Steve Madden, wedge

Zara, bag




Sheryl Segura

Sheryl has a degree in Communication Arts and having been exposed to various sides of the media, she eventually grew multifaceted interests in life which led her to create Segura & Co. She is currently exploring the desert life in the middle east and sharing some bits and pieces of her latest discoveries through her blog.

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