The Velvet Edit

If there’s one trend that I must pick as my favorite this year, that would be the velvet trend!

I have always been drawn to the soft feel of a velvet fabric and with how it shimmers elegantly under the light. I’m obsessed with it perhaps because of the fusion of vintage and luxurious feel that it exudes.

I’m glad to see how the velvet trend has finally evolved into something more wearable especially since it used to be mostly worn at night. Also because it is a tricky fabric where too much of it would make you fall right through the ‘fashion victim’ trap. How exciting it is to see the velvet fabric beyond the typical cocktail dresses. You might have even seen plenty of velvet tops and some jackets being strutted along the streets more so these days.

My little velvet obsession has inspired me to design some dresses this year, including the dress I’m wearing below and on my post here.

velvet trend

But my velvet obsession doesn’t end there. I have gathered my velvet favorites from top to toe to share with you. So, if you haven’t picked up yet that one perfect velvet piece for the season, might as well do it now. Or miss out on the velvet fun!







Sheryl Segura

Sheryl has a degree in Communication Arts and having been exposed to various sides of the media, she eventually grew multifaceted interests in life which led her to create Segura & Co. She is currently exploring the desert life in the middle east and sharing some bits and pieces of her latest discoveries through her blog.