Tropical Escapade

I have been rummaging through my vacation photos, found these and thought of sharing it with you, because why not, we’re still having these blazingly fun summer days, and a trip to the beach is just as an amazing idea as getting an ice-cold fruit smoothie. To add to that, I’ve been missing this tropical paradise.

Can you quickly guess where this is?

I can’t tell if you guessed it right, but if you say Coron, Palawan or Philippines, then congratulations – you are correct!!!

Spending a few days in this place, going from one island to another, is by far the best vacation I’ve ever experienced in the Philippines. It is not crowded like the other beaches, which makes me want to just go on and on and enjoy every minute feeling the sun, sand and sea on my feet. The sight of the beautiful coral reefs down the water is still engraved in my memory – it feels surreal looking at them.

It’s truly an amazing summer experience and if there’s one thing I would say I really admire about the people in Coron, it is their commitment to preserving the sanctity and cleanliness of the island. They would remind the tourists in every chance they get not to throw even the smallest trash over the ocean, step on the corals or do anything that will tarnish the nature’s beauty and it’s wonderful to see how the tourists gladly abide by these policies – they would even pick the litter they would find under the water while snorkeling.

I really hope this island would stay as magnificent as it is now for million more years to come.

Seeing these pictures again while doing this post, makes me want nothing but to sip my ice-cold smoothie in the middle of this paradise and I will soon, hopefully.

If you are planning your summer or beach get away and still undecided where to go, I recommend you try to visit Palawan and see for yourself the paradise that I’m talking about.

Also, here’s a round up of my current favorite beachy things to make a perfect summer escapade.




Sheryl Segura

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